The Heavy Photon Search  (HPS) conference will meet at Orsay on July 1-3, 2015 to review the 2015 Engineering Run of the HPS experiment in JLab. Report on the run conditions as well as conditions of all the HPS subsystems will be included. Preparations for data analysis and opportunities for future runs will also be discussed.

The meeting will include a special workshop, "New Frontiers in Dark Matter and Dark Force Experiments" on Wednesday, July 1st. The workshop will include overview talks on the status of the heavy photon hypothesis, discussion of recent astrophysical and cosmological data pertaining to heavy photons, and descriptions of proposed new experiments.

HPS Collaborators are urged to attend, and others interested in learning about and participating in HPS are most welcome. Please extend the invitation to any colleagues who may be interested.

Organizing committee

R. Dupre (IPN Orsay - co-chair)

J. Jaros (SLAC - co-chair)

M. Guidal (IPN Orsay)

T. Nelson (SLAC)

S. Stepanyan (JLab)

 Secretary : V. Frois (IPN Orsay)